For the Use of Films with Recycled Content

As a supplier of sustainable packaging solutions in line with the circular economy framework, A. Hatzopoulos S.A. continuously adopts new approaches that contribute to reducing waste and using resources even more efficiently. In that scope, we proudly announce the certification of both our production sites with ISCC PLUS. ISCC PLUS, the International Sustainability & Carbon Certification, is a globally applicable, independent system that certifies the implementation of sustainable supply chains on a mass balance basis.

Being ISCC PLUS certified enables us to produce packaging with high levels of certified recycled content, providing complete traceability proof for the recycled materials used for the production of flexible packaging products. Using the mass balance calculation, the proportion of the recycled materials consumed during our manufacturing process can be exactly quantified and even displayed on a final packed product, so that consumers can make a conscious purchasing decision.

Packaging films with recycled content provide the same level of performance and functionality as virgin materials and they can be procured now for our partners’ sample orders. Depending on the film type, however, their availability may be limited:

>>> PET films with recycled content are widely available.
>>> The quantities of the recycled PE and PP films, however, are limited. They are booked on a first-come, first-served basis upon official agreement and forecasting and they can be ordered now and until 15/11 for delivery in the next year.

A. Hatzopoulos S.A. implements innovative systems that enable the increase of materials’ circularity. With our ISCC PLUS certificate, we are able to provide to our customers complete sustainable packaging solutions to the environmental challenges they are faced with.

Download here the Certificates

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For sample requests or any further information required, please contact:

Lefki Prountzou
Marketing & Communications Manager

T. +30 2310 551 801