A very popular and cost-effective method to boost the shelf-appeal of a packaging and maximize its impact is lacquering. By applying a special coating on the packaging film, we add special visual and/or haptic effects, to significantly upgrade its look and touch.

Textured Packaging

At your fingertips!

Touch is one of the most important senses that drives consumer behavior. That is why more and more brands are nowadays increasingly focusing also on how their products feel. In addition to the widely-known matt varnish, often used in register, which is added to give a premium look to a pack, we can add tactile elements to your packaging, to make it stand out and interact with the consumers’ 5th sense!

Soft Touch


Soft touch lacquer combines a soft, velvety feel with a unique, total matt look. Soft touch films communicate quality and deliver a luxurious and overall attractive packaging effect. Recommended for premium products and brands that are looking to differentiate, soft touch packs invite consumers to reach out and touch!

Perfect Paper-Look & Touch


The sustainable alternative to paper-based laminates! This awarded technology delivers a perfect paper look & touch and comes with no limits on substrate, barrier properties or graphics! Providing an important resource efficiency benefit, while still reflecting the natural, handmade vibe of paper, it is ideal for organic foods and sustainable brands.




Tactile Effect


Tactile effects are of growing demand in flexible packaging. This haptic film technology is rough in its touch and it gives an impressive, 3D appearance to the packaging. Usually applied in register, tactile lacquering is ideal for the incorporation of stripes, geometric patterns and other creative graphic elements to your packaging