Dedicated to the development of the next generation of flexible packaging

Investing in Knowledge

and Innovation

At A. Hatzopoulos S.A. we value innovation as a major driver for our success. Consistently investing in Research & Development, we design and bring to market cutting-edge flexible packaging solutions in line with the latest technology advancements and consumer trends.

Food Safety

Packaging Optimization

Packaging Functionality

Novel Marketing Applications

Packaging Sustainability

Design for Recycling


Our packaging experts undertake any tailor-made project of new packaging development or existing packaging rationalization and optimization. Thanks to our long experience and profound polymer materials market knowledge, we offer thinner, lighter and more cost-efficient packaging alternatives, ensuring at the same time that our products meet strict food and consumer safety standards.

We continuously innovate to offer packaging solutions of optimum performance for production efficiency, that combine attractive graphic elements with new haptic effects to stand out, while incorporating add-on functionalities for increased packaging convenience and an enhanced overall consumer experience.

The design of sustainable packaging solutions drives our innovation focus. We offer resource-efficient packaging solutions of reduced environmental footprint, as well as recyclable and bio-based films, in accordance with relevant legislation on Plastics for a Circular Economy, CEFLEX and OPRL guidelines.


Experts that
work with you

A dedicated R&D Team, comprised of Polymer engineers and Packaging specialists will help you design and bring to life quickly and efficiently any new packaging concept. What is more, our long-experienced packaging experts provide fast and efficient on-site technical support for our clients globally.

Award-Winning Packaging Design

Our consistent efforts towards the creation of innovative packaging ideas and solutions are regularly recognized at international packaging competitions. For the last four years in a row, A. Hatzopoulos S.A. receives the ultimate packaging award Worldstar for its novel packaging concepts.


Research projects


A. Hatzopoulos S.A. is an active participant in several research projects currently running, such as “VIOSTROFI– Exploitation of food industry by-products for the production of biogenic biodegradable, active food packaging” and “Ef Zin-Active Flexible Packaging with Antimicrobial Properties for Shelf-life Extension of Selected Greek Cheeses”. In the past our company has significantly contributed to the BioActiveLayer project (funded by EU FP7)

The goal of the project VIOSTROFI is to minimize the environmental footprint of the food industry by promoting sustainable development through the valorization of the by-products, as a renewable feedstock to produce high value-added bio based, biodegradable packaging. This action is under the national project : “RESEARCH – DESIGN – INNOVATION”, the Operational Program “COMPETITIVENESS, ENTERPRENEURSHIP & INNOVATION” (EPAnEK), the Special Managing Authority for the Operational Program “COMPETITIVENESS, ENTERPRENEURSHIP & INNOVATION” (EYD EPAnEK). Coordinated by Structures and Materials Research Group, Agricultural Engineering Department, AGRICULTURAL UNIVERSITY OF ATHENS, and in collaboration with the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition (Agricultural University of Athens), the Laboratory of. Food Quality Control and Hygiene, Department of Food Science & Human Nutrition (Agricultural University of Athens) and Eurofilm-Mantzaris SA.

The goal of the Ef Zin project is the development of an “active” flexible packaging for food with antimicrobial action against pathogenic and deleterious microorganisms, and its application in the cheese industry, extending the shelf life of domestic perishable products and increasing their export potential to more distant countries. The packaging is based on polyethylene (PE) modified by coatings with chemically cross-linked biocompatible, non-toxic, biopolymers with enhanced antimicrobial properties. The project was included in the Action for the implementation of collaborative research projects within the framework of the “RESEARCH – CREATE – INNOVATE” (ESPA 2014-2020) Action in collaboration with KOLIOS S.A. GREEK DAIRY and the University of Crete.