Lock-in all delicate flavors & aromas for a supreme coffee experience


Packaging Expertise

If you’re looking to keep the freshly roasted coffee sensation till the last cup, you should definitely be looking at your packaging. Hatzopoulos S.A. has been researching this field for years, delivering to the coffee market high-end packaging solutions that maintain the aromas and the various coffee flavors as rich and vibrant as at the time of roasting.

Functionality during packaging, with fast running, high-performance materials, but also in the hands of your consumers, with easy opening and convenience features, is what we promise. Our R&D coffee specialists are devoted to packaging development, assisting you choose the optimized packaging solution for your coffee, or designing something completely new customized to your specific needs.


High-performance packaging


High-barrier properties against oxygen, moisture and aroma


Wide range of options, with / without metal


High-performance films for high speed packaging lines


Hermetic seals guaranteed


Compatibility with degassing valves


Laser-scoring for stick-packs / pouches


Adjustable peelability


Reclosable solutions

Enhance your brand’s appeal

The graphic & printing developments in today’s packaging industry allow us to create differentiated products with great visual appeal that support successful brands.


Awarded Printing Quality


Effect Laquers: Matte, Paper touch, Tactile, Soft touch


Metallic Effects


Kraft Paper-based Laminates


Optional Transparency


X-CODE | Serial codes printing, unique per pack

Sustainable Packaging for your Sustainable Coffee

Many coffee brands follow a holistic approach to Sustainability, going beyond their coffee sourcing and looking to switch also their packaging into more sustainable alternatives. At A. Hatzopoulos S.A. we are committed to help our customers achieve their sustainability goals. With the common vision for a better future planet, we have developed the next generation of flexible packaging solutions: X-CYCLE. The specific target for the development of this range was to convert conventional formulations into their recyclable equivalents, whilst simultaneously preserving the protective and functional properties of the original films. 

Our green packaging solutions include also metal-free packaging alternatives and bio-based options from renewable resources, which can help you significantly improve the carbon footprint of your packaging.

Packaging Formats

Soft Bags for Beans / Ground coffee

Vacuum Brick-packs

Single-served Pods & Mutipacks

Films for Stand-up pouches

Films for Bag-in-Box

Instant Coffee Sticks

Paper-based solutions

Coffee Capsules

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