Technical expertise, use of cutting-edge technology, as well as flexibility and fast service that characterize the work of our pre-press departments, guarantee efficiency and success in bringing your packaging design to life.

Integrated Services

Trust our color experts

Our in-house pre-press departments provide a full range of high-quality integrated services, helping you bring to life even the most demanding packaging design concept. From artwork reception to printing, our talented team adds value to each step of the process, combining its know-how with the latest technology developments both in rotogravure and flexo.

The highly-experienced color experts of Hatzopoulos S.A. can consult you with:


Efficient and cost-effective ink / color management


Packaging shelf-appeal and quality enhancement


Labelling guidelines implementation


Smart technologies integration


Pre-Press &

The Hatzopoulos Flexo Pre-Press and plate making team is committed to providing rapid artwork processing and top-quality plates, supporting the requirements of Full-HD Flexo technology and delivering a remarkable flexo-printing result.

  • Utilization of state-of-the-art software/tools: Esko, GMG, X-rite
  • Cutting-edge plate-making technologies: CDI, XPS, FLEXO 3D control
  • High color intensity/density, high image definition and contrast
  • Multi-level quality control
  • FLEXO EXPERT certification by Flint


Pre-Press &

With a strong team of experts, highly-experienced in Rotogravure Pre-press and cylinder engraving, we offer integrated, high-quality service from printing files’ reception to cylinder production. Thanks to the use of our in-house Auto Robotic rotogravure cylinder engraving line, we minimize response time, covering every requirement in product dimensions and ensuring high engraving quality.

The whole cylinder production procedure is fully automated through the use of specialized software and a robotic system, limiting human interference at minimum.

Ink-mixing technology

Quality assurance in the production of printing inks, and especially of Pantone color shades, is further supported with our in-house ink-mixing system. Our color-matching labs prepare the requested color shades and the ink-mixing technology executes color recipes with the help of advanced software. The color recipes for each SKU are stored and they can be re-produced on demand, without any deviation in the required ink formulation. This way we guarantee accuracy and reliability in printing.

>>  Use of spectrophotometer device to capture of each color tone
>>  Analysis of the color tones to measurable data
>>  Data conversion into ink recipes (Ink formulation program)
>>  Electronic storage of the ink recipes by client and by product
>>  On-demand execution of the recipes in the ink-mixing stations