Hatzopoulos S.A.’s commitment to social, environmental, human responsibility begins with the foundation of the company itself. This commitment is reflected on our value system, our policies and our daily operations and for the last ten consecutive years it is proudly publicized through our annual Responsibility Report.

Our Sustainability Approach

Our company’s approach to Sustainable Development is documented and thoroughly presented on our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy. The Policy covers the three pillars of Society, Environment and Business Operations.

As member of international responsibility initiatives, A. Hatzopoulos S.A. has been systematically working to empower its employees, to support the local community, to lead the fight against corruption, to improve its eco-performance and to innovate for the development of the next generation of packaging for a truly circular economy.

ECOVADIS Sustainability Rating

EcoVadis platform evaluates companies’ performance covering 21 criteria across four themes: Environment, Labor & Human Rights, Ethics and Sustainable Procurement. The EcoVadis assessment methodology is built on international CSR standards including the Global Reporting Initiative, the United Nations Global Compact and ISO:26000. The score achieved in year 2024 is 68%; a valuable recognition and reward of our company’s commitment to responsible business practices and sustainable development.

Ethical Supply Chains

Hatzopoulos has been a member of SEDEX for several years. Sedex is a social and ethical platform which aims to increase transparency in the supply chain, covering the four areas of: labour, health & safety, business ethics and environment. As part of this engagement, Hatzopoulos participates in third-party SMETA audits focused on these areas, share the results with its customers, and works to implement certain requirements up and down our value chain.

Social Responsibility

Giving Back to Society

It is our firm belief, that corporate growth and success should be accompanied by the will to give back, especially to the local community and for the support of vulnerable social groups. Our sense of social responsibility is materialized through the active support of organizations dedicated to noble humanitarian causes, such as: human rights protection, social welfare and arts/culture promotion. Hatzopoulos S.A. financially contributes to organizations, such as: Museum of the Macedonian Struggle, The Greek Food Bank, Cultural & Educational association of Kalohori, Alexander the Great Athletic Club of Kalohori, Volunteers Greece, Solidarity Net, Floga – Association of children with cancer, The Smile of The Child, Orphanage Papaphio, Lighthouse of the World, National Theater of Northern Greece.

Our People

A. Hatzopoulos S.A. employs 440 people who drive the company’s success. Governed by the principles of meritocracy and recognition, we aim to create a working environment, in which all employees feel proud to be part of. Hatzopoulos S.A. cultivates a culture of health and safety for all, respects individuality, treats equally all employees, recognizes contribution and supports the continuous development of each employee. 

environmental Responsibility


Respect for the environment is deeply ingrained in the corporate culture of A. Hatzopoulos S.A. In conjunction with the implementation of concrete eco-policies according to ISO 14001, major investments in solvent recovery and abatement systems have been undertaken in the last years, with the specific aim of reducing our carbon footprint. Following high environmental management standards, we measure our eco-performance regularly, setting higher targets to reduce the overall environmental impact of our daily operations. Focusing on optimum waste management, controlled consumption of energy and natural resources and the implementation of a circular economy mindset in our activities, we use specific indicators to monitor our eco-efficiency and to communicate our progress year on year. In addition to measuring our performance against specific KPIs, our employees voluntarily participate in environmental-related initiatives organized by the company, in collaboration with the local community.

Sustainable Packaging Design

The extensive research efforts of A. Hatzopoulos S.A. are dedicated in achieving the sustainability goals set by our company, as well as our partners globally. With the common vision for a better future planet, we design for our partners innovative, green packaging solutions that incorporate our holistic approach to sustainable development. The film structures that we develop aim at achieving both packaging optimization (with minimum use of material and natural resources) and optimum packaging performance and functionality.

What is more, at A.Hatzopoulos S.A. we always focus on packaging improvement with the scope to make our plastic products more environmental-friendly and easier to recycle. In response to the requirements set by the European Commission, as well as our customers globally, we developed recently a new series of films that are recycle-ready: X-CYCLE.

Flexible packaging has proven to be the best packaging choice when it comes to product protection, food waste reduction, consumer convenience and resource efficiency. However, today, most multi-material film structures that provide a broad range of protective and functional properties are not recyclable through the available recycling infrastructure. Laminates that require high-barrier properties (such as those brought by alu-foil or PET barrier films) when combined with polyolefins cannot be recycled together. Our X-CYCLE solutions are the recyclable films designed by the company’s. R&D team to fill this exact gap.

Collaboration for a Circular Economy

Since 2019 we are members of CEFLEX, the collaborative European consortium of companies and associations that aims at further enhancing the performance of flexible packaging in the circular economy. As a company that is focused on improving packaging design and on innovating to make our plastic products more environmental-friendly and easier to recycle,we are looking forward to:

>>  Actively contributing to the CEFLEX vision to establish a comprehensive sustainability and circular economy roadmap for flexible packaging. The roadmap will include widely recognized design guidelines and a robust approach to measure, demonstrate and communicate the significant value flexible packaging adds to circular economy.

>> Supporting the CEFLEX goal to have by 2025 an established collection, sorting and reprocessing infrastructure/economy developed for post-consumer flexible packaging across Europe, based on end of life technologies and processes which deliver the best economic, technical and environmental outcome for a circular economy.


business Responsibility

First, the Consumer

A. Hatzopoulos S.A. produces flexible packaging materials that meet the highest safety standards. We strictly implement international & domestic legislation on food safety and, as member of FPE -Flexible Packaging Europe- association, we stay always up-to-date with the research of EFSA European Food Safety Authority. The company performs regular controls of migration of substances from packaging materials to food and issues certificates for packaging products in contact with food, with the most comprehensive information possible. The high-barrier, high-performance films we deliver ensure sealing integrity and maximum product protection at every point of the food chain until they reach the hands of the final consumer.


The adoption of ethical practices constitutes an integral part of the Hatzopoulos S.A. core value system. Integrity, honesty, fairness and reliability have been our guides since our humble beginnings and forged a path that we have never diverted from. This is communicated through our company Code of Conduct, which aims to raise awareness and educate all stakeholders, within a framework of responsible and transparent business sense.

In addition, A. Hatzopoulos S.A. is member of the Business Integrity Forum (BIF). Coordinated by Transparency International, Greece, BIF is a group of corporate supporters openly committed to integrity and to the fight against corruption, aiming to set the example for ethical business operations.