At A. Hatzopoulos S.A., our concern is to provide a work environment, in which every person feels proud to work. Our 440 employees are our greatest asset and the key ingredient to our continued growth.

Job Opportunities

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Positive work environment

At A. Hatzopoulos S.A. we care about each member of the team, we recognize the contribution of our people and we support their continuous development. We cultivate a work environment that respects diversity, encourages open communication and promotes teamwork and collaboration.

Our commitment is to provide a work environment where we:

>> Invest in people and constantly improve employee wellbeing
>> Develop mutual trust based on the principles of meritocracy and recognition
>> Enhance skills, provide training opportunities and share knowledge
>> Provide incentives and opportunities for professional and personal development
>> Encourage active participation in decision making
>> Are committed to our common vision of continuous improvement

We are Great Place to Work® – Certified

In December 2023, we were re-certified for the third consecutive year by Great Place to Work® for our great work environment!


We stand by our people

Employee contribution and engagement are recognized in practice. We stand by our people and take care of their needs, offering generous compensation packages for them and their families.


>> Attractive remuneration based on efficiency, qualifications and experience
>> Professional growth
>> Continuous training
>> Life & health insurance
>> Hospital treatment
>> Outpatient care
>> Annual check-up
>> Corporate blood bank
>> Personal retirement plan
>> Free lunch at work
>> Gift vouchers for Christmas & Easter
>> Allowance for families with more than two children
>> School allowance & awards of excellence for employees’ children
>> Wedding, childbirth & birthday gifts
>> Successful stay & retirement allowance
>> Excellent performance rewards
>> Corporate activities & events


Equal Opportunities

At A. Hatzopoulos S.A. everyone is welcome and both our employees and applicants are equally treated. By providing an environment of equal opportunities and selecting talented people via unbiased procedures, we manage to form unique teams and bring different knowledge, experiences, skills and personal views together. Our employees combine their unique advantages, share the common corporate values and everyone contributes to business success.


Health & Safety

At A. Hatzopoulos S.A., our top priority is to ensure that all employees work to the highest standards of Health and Safety. By applying an integrated H&S Management System we promote safety culture and aim at eliminating risks.

>> We constantly evaluate and improve safety conditions in collaboration with specialized partners
>> We implement training programs to raise awareness about H&S issues
>> We provide specialized Personal Protective Equipment to employees and visitors
>> We take measures that are tailored to the needs of each job position
>> We encourage active participation in the development and implementation of safety culture
>> We implement additional safety measures and policies exceeding all requirements

Certified H&S Management System

Our implemented Health and Safety management system has been certified according to the international standard ISO 45001:2018, that concerns the improvement of safety and the elimination of risk at workplace.

Response to Covid-19

Our commitment to high H&S standards is also crucial during the covid-19 pandemic. The primary goal for us is to preserve employee health, therefore we take action by implementing transmission and protective measures combined with a thorough covid-19 preparation and management plan. We are responsible to protect ourselves and others, eliminate risks and maintain a safe workplace.