2020 was a year like no other that challenged us all in a variety of ways. COVID-19 has changed the world as we know it, the way we work and communicate, but the past months have also proven that we can work together efficiently, to accomplish successful projects even under the most demanding circumstances. Amid this period of unprecedented complexity and change, Hatzopoulos S.A. has stayed true to its ingrained philosophy for the continuous improvement of the products and services it provides to its partners. For this reason, we committed to a bold €20M plan of a series of strategic investments in new facilities, machinery and state-of-the-art equipment, to be implemented by the end of 2022.

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Investments completed in 2020

In the 2nd half of 2020, we completed the acquisition of a new warehouse and the expansion of our cylinder engraving line.

With regard to engraving in particular, Hatzopoulos S.A. has invested in its own, fully-automated equipment since 2014. The whole production procedure is fully automated through a specialized software and a robotic system that limits human interference at minimum.

This line has been expanded with an additional engraving station that increased our in-house capacity in cylinders production.

A brand-new triplex-in-line laminator

Now, we are intensively reinforcing our technological infrastructure starting with the installation of a brand-new, triplex-in-line BOBST CL 850 TD laminator.

This wide-web, tandem machine can operate either as a triplex-in-line laminator or easily switch to two separate duplex ones. The new laminator reaches production speed of 600m/minute and it is able to apply all types of adhesive (solvent-based / solvent-free) and cold-seal in register on a wide range of films. Mounted on the laminator is the g-SCAN-iR system by Synaptic, which uses infrared technology to read, in real time and with very high precision, the adhesive weight that is being applied on the substrate.

Expected to be fully operational in April 2021, this important addition to our laminators fleet is expected to increase our annual capacity in high-performance laminates by 90ml. sqm.


Investments in 2021-2022

>>> As we move forward in 2021, the construction of a new warehouse in the Stadiou plant is progressing in parallel. Built to improve our warehouse operations and to increase efficiency, the new building is designed to safely store up to 10.000 pallets of packaging materials.

>>> In addition, for 2021 we have scheduled the commissioning of two additional high-precision slitting lines by KAMPF and EUROMAC and a brand new 10-color rotogravure press by BOBST, which is expected to add another 85ml. sqm. to our rotogravure printing capacity by the 4th trimester of the current year.

>>> The 3-year investment plan will be completed at the beginning of 2022 with the installation of one additional slitting & laser-scoring line and a new 10-color Flexo press at the Arkadiou production plant.

_ _ _ _ _ _

In anticipation of a post-COVID future, we look ahead, pursuing a dynamic expansion plan. Through these targeted investments in new facilities, cutting-edge technology and equipment, our production capacity is expected to increase significantly, to secure preservation of high customer-service levels, operational flexibility and efficiency.