As an international supplier of flexo printed films, with an integrated, full-service pre-press and plate-making department, we decided to participate in the FlexoExpert Certification Program last year and make sure that we are providing consistent high quality flexo, in line with our corporate philosophy.

During an 8-month process consisting of three main steps: evaluation and training, implementation, and audit, the FlexoExpert Certification Program reviewed our in-house plate-making procedures, equipment performance and quality standards, provided training to refine our workflow and ensured that our flexo operations meet all standards for providing reliable flexographic printing plates of the finest quality, time and again.

With the guidance of a Flint Group expert, we implemented successfully the program and passed the final audit to receive the FlexoExpert certificate in September 2020. We are thrilled to have been honoured with this significant certification that recognizes our adherence to the industry’s best practices, our attention to quality and our continuous effort to offer more value to our customers.

We are delighted to have partnered with Flint Group in executing a thorough evaluation of our facilities”, stated Aimilia Ventouri, Flexo Prepress & Plates Supervisor. “The FlexoExpert certification provided an independent, objective review of our processes and it confirmed that they meet the highest standards.”

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Flint Group first introduced the programme in April 2016, and offers it to customers around the globe who are interested in broadening their knowledge on the standardisation of the flexo plate making process.