Safe, innovative & multi-functional films, to show off your product, while keeping its packaging convenient and easy consume “on the go”


How you benefit

Over the last years, the Sugar and Chocolate Confectionery sector has evolved into the largest flexible packaging market by end-use, accounting for over 10% of the EU total. A wide variety of flexible packaging technologies and films are used to create eye-catching, safe and efficient solutions, to pack chocolates, candies, wafers, gummies and other sweet treats.

Hatzopoulos S.A. offers a diverse range of high-end packaging solutions to the sweet and colorful world of confectionery, with focus on product preservation, convenience and packaging aesthetics. The flexible packaging films we design safeguard your products from punctures and tears and keep your confectionery protected from external factors or heat during packaging. Our solutions are practical ensuring convenience in the hands of your consumers, both for single-served products and multi-packs. At the same time, they can incorporate promotional codes for various marketing activities to boost sales and high-definition printing and lacquering options, to further enhance your packaging and add a unique look and touch to it.

Our high-quality, single / multi-layer materials for the confectionery market ensure high-performance at various fast-running packaging lines and they are fully-customisable, suitable for different pack formats, such as cold-sealed bars, flowpacks, stand-up pouches and more. The team of our R&D experts will help you choose the packaging solution that best fits your product needs.

packaging features

High-performance solutions


High protective properties


Fully-customisable films


High puncture resistance


High efficiency at various high-speed lines


Cold-seal application for fast seals without heat


Laser-scoring optional for stand-up pouches

Stand out & impress!

The developments in today’s printing & packaging technology allow us to offer premium films of great visual appeal to impress your consumers & efficient solutions to help you launch various promotional activities!


Awarded printing quality in rotogravure and full-HD flexo


Registered matt varnish


Effect lacquering: Paper touch / Tactile / Soft touch


X-CODE | Promotional codes printing for marketing activities

Packaging Formats



Films for Stand-up pouches


Flat-bottom packs

Lidding films

Cold-sealed films

Paper-based packaging

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