Discover our eye-catching, convenient and sustainable packaging solutions for snacks, fully-adaptable to meet your specific needs


How you benefit

This highly versatile product category requires highly versatile, fully-customizable packaging solutions. In today’s thriving snacks market, it is critical to ensure that your packaging is both eye-catching on the shelf, and convenient in the hands of your consumers. Hatzopoulos S.A. offers a variety of high-quality and competitive film options, to show off your product, while keeping its packaging convenient and practical: easy to open / share / consume “on the go” / reclose and save for later.

The flexible packaging solutions we design for the snacks market are able to maintain the freshness of your products and to keep them safe and protected along their journey until they reach your consumers. At the same time, we offer eco-friendy, circular and recyclable packaging alternatives for your snacks packaging, to help you meet your packaging sustainability goals.

Our premium laminates ensure high efficiency during packaging, packaging integrity and air-tight seals. Our films are fully-customizable, being suitable for various packaging formats and snacking products, such as chips / crisps, crackers, crunches, popcorn, pretzels, puffs, vegetable chips, olive snacks, rice cakes & much more… The team of our R&D experts will help you choose the packaging solution that best fits your product needs. 


packaging features

High-performance solutions


High-barrier properties against oxygen, water vapor, aroma & mineral oils


Wide range of high-performance films for various packing lines and formats


Compatibility with add-on packaging components (stickers, closures, etc.)


Fully-customizable easy-tear, share & reclose packaging solutions


Durable films of high puncture resistance


High-clarity films for optimized display

Stand out & impress!

The developments in today’s printing & packaging technology allow us to create differentiated products of great visual appeal with add-on packaging functionalities that offer an enhanced overall consumer experience and impress!


Awarded printing quality in rotogravure and full-HD flexo


Registered matt varnish


Effect lacquering: Paper touch / Tactile


Double-sided printing


X-CODE | Promotional codes printing


Easy-tearing with fully-custom laser-scoring


Easy-sharing packaging solutions


Reclosable solutions

Sustainable Packaging Solutions for your Snacks

Our green packaging solutions for snacks include several options to help you improve the sustainability of your packaging:


Recyclable packaging | X-CYCLE (all-PE / all-PP / mixed PO)


Alu-free & metal-free solutions


Bio-based films from renewable resources


At A. Hatzopoulos S.A. we are committed to help our customers achieve their packaging sustainability goals. With the vision for a better future planet, we have developed the next generation of flexible packaging solutions: X-CYCLE. The specific target for the development of this range was to convert conventional formulations into their recyclable equivalents, whilst simultaneously preserving the protective and functional properties of the original films.

Packaging Formats

Pillow packs

Paper-based packaging

Flowpacks for trays & multipacks

Share-packs | Laser for easy opening

Films for pouches | Recyclable options


Lidding films for trays

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