A.Hatzopoulos S.A. is a proud supporter of the local athletic events that took place again this Autumn in Thessaloniki. Thanks to the large participation by the Hatzopoulos running team that has reached 126 members, we contribute to humanitarian organizations and the local community.

We keep on running for a good cause!


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10th Thessaloniki night half-marathon

The spectacular 10th Thessaloniki night half-marathon turned on the city lights on the evening of 15 October 2022. Runners of all ages, from all over the world gathered to participate to the largest night street party in the country for a good cause! Our people supported the event and ran for the Brave Children of ELEPAP, the organization that helps children with disabilities and developmental difficulties to carry out their treatments!

7th Syzathlos mountain run

The 7th Syzathlos mountain run took place on 23 October 2022, in support of Syzoi organization for children with visual impairements and disabilities.

2nd Flamingo run

The Flamingo run is organized annual by the Cultural & Educational Association of Kalohori. It is a sporting event that brings together the local community, but also highlights the importance of the ecosystem and the biodiversity of the protected area of Kalohori lagoon, hosting great numbers of birds and other organisms throughout the year, including flamingos that find ample supplies of food in its waters.