Reducing our Footprint
Through the power of the sun


A.Hatzopoulos S.A. is proud to celebrate the one-year anniversary of one of its biggest investments in clean renewable energy and environmental sustainability, namely the installation of solar panels focused on partially producing energy needed for its operations. The Photovoltaic Net Metering system has been fully operational in both of our active plants in Stadiou and Arkadiou and has been producing energy since September of 2022. During its first year of operation the system has produced about 1.730.000 KWh of green energy, which indicates that in the course of the past 12 months the installation of solar panels has led to a direct reduction in CO2 emissions of approximately 2.000 Tons.

When examining the environmental benefits that the net metering system has offered in terms of standard coal saving, the figure is estimated to be around 800 tons. In addition, when taking into consideration data provided by the “European Environment Agency”, which suggest that each fully grown tree can sequester about 22kg of carbon per year, it is made apparent that the solar panels installed by A. Hatzopoulos S.A. have helped offset emissions that are roughly equivalent to the plantation of 100.000 trees.

This push for offsetting, energy-saving solutions is a testament to our dedication to sustainability towards a brighter and greener future for all.