Closing the Loop on Flexible Packaging

A.Hatzopoulos S.A. has created and launched a new packaging line, which takes the topic of packaging sustainability one step further: X-LOOP. This new packaging range incorporates circular / post-consumer recycled plastic films (PCR) and bio-circular plastics, it is ISCC PLUS certified and food-contact safe, in compliance with all Regulations on plastic materials that come in contact with food.


These films do not differentiate from virgin ones. Their mechanical, physical and chemical properties remain the same, as does their performance on the converting and packaging lines. The laminated structures reach adjustable rates of circular / bio-circular content based on the amount of ISCC-certified material used in their production, according to the mass balance approach applied.
The overall packaging solutions result in Lower Carbon Footprint relative to virgin / fossil-based plastics, while, at the same time, the barrier properties, packaging functionality and aesthetics of the original films are maintained.

Closing the Loop | White Paper

Detailed information on the X-LOOP packaging range, the recycled / bio-circular materials and ISCC certification is available in the corresponding White Paper we released recently.
Providing guidance on how to integrate recycled / bio-circular films to your  packaging and corresponding ISCC-certification on-pack claims, it helps you get a better understanding of the new sustainable packaging technologies and gives real examples of circularly-designed solutions towards zero packaging waste.


To download the White Paper please request your free copy here: