In an effort to contribute to the improvement of the emergency treatment of cardiac arrest cases, A. Hatzopoulos S.A. partnered with “KIDS SAVE LIVES” organization to register its in-house defibrillators to the National Defibrillator Map.

Thanks to the application developed by this volunteer group, anyone in need of a defibrillator device can search online for the nearest defibrillator and provide basic life support in a timely and efficient manner. By using this new technology, the main issue of time in dealing with urgent incidents is largely improved.


The KIDS SAVE LIVES organization aims to increase the survival rate of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest victims in Greece by combining volunteerism with technology and education, also through schools and local communities. The national educational program it implemented in collaboration with the Greek Ministry of Education has trained more than 70,000 students and teachers in >700 schools in the country, with the voluntary participation of hundreds of certified trainers.


We are proud to contribute to the organization’s program that gives everyone the chance to help save a life!