Digimarc® | The Barcode of everything


Today’s innovations in packaging technologies have significantly upgraded modern packaging to a new communication channel. With Digimarc® technology, every printed packaging becomes an opportunity for engagement, a brand narrator that tells consumers a story, before or after the purchase, and a powerful tool to drive materials’ recyclability.
The Digimarc® Barcode is a pixel-size electronic pattern that converts any pack into a readable barcode. The invisible pattern is embedded into the printed design of a pack, enabling users to quickly scan it and access product information via a smartphone or tablet. The Digimarc® technology encodes standard GTIN data over the entire package surface. The codes are imperceptible to humans but easily and reliably read by POS image scanners, smartphones and other devices equipped with Digimarc® software. Each pattern is unique, created through a platform that leases its license annually, and it can be used for a single SKU, just like with a standard EAN / Barcode.
Faster, more reliable and more versatile, the Digimarc® Barcode occupies zero space on the pack. At the retail stores, it can be used for inventory keeping / information tracking. Using their smart devices, consumers can scan packaging on the shelf or when they get home to quickly connect to interactive mobile content, such as product information, ingredients used, special offers, recommended cooking / serving suggestions, recipes and more. This enables retailers and brands to engage with shoppers and collect important customer preference data like never before. Information relating to the responsible disposal / recyclability of the product packaging can be added, helping to ensure that recyclable materials are properly identified, sorted and retained within the circular economy.
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