To commemorate the 90-year anniversary of A. HATZOPOULOS S.A., we created last year a graphic novel entitled “AGAPE – a short story filled with love”. 

The storyline of the book is fictional, but it is inspired by our company’s values, its history and its progress in the world of packaging. Designed and brought to life in collaboration with Beetroot, this work of art makes the leap from realism to fantasy presenting a narrative that uses images as the primary means of communication, with minimal text. The book’s production design adopts, reimagines and proposes the style and typography of old-school packaging, with strictly limited visual means: a limited color palette (black and natural paper color), unified sketch line thickness, and rasterizing. As the story of the characters unfolds “silently”, the graphic novel communicates the essence and purpose of our company and of entrepreneurship more broadly.

We are particularly proud that our project “AGAPE” has been awarded in three major design competitions: distinction at the Greek EBGE design Awards 2022, GOLD European Design Award 2022 in the “Book & Editorial Illustration” category and now Red Dot Winner: Best of the Best 2022!