It is our ingrained customer-care corporate philosophy that enables us to continually redefine the term exceptional service and attain the service standards that our clients in 35 countries have grown accustomed to.

ABSOLUTE Customer Care

Acting proactively

Since our company’s beginnings the notion of Absolute Customer Care has always been at the epicenter of our success. Throughout our long company history, we have learned that successfully addressing client-specific needs requires more than a functional mastery of polymer conversion technology and rotogravure / flexography printing processes. Therefore, in addition to our specialist knowledge of the flexible packaging materials market, we place equal emphasis on Customer Care.


>>  The company’s Customer Care team operates around the principle of speedy and accurate feedback, while ensuring flexibility to fulfill any request. Our committed, highly-trained and multi-lingual team of professionals offers immediate attention to new and existing customers and consistently delivers customer care at the optimal level.

>>  We adopt a purely consultative approach to assist clients in meeting their sustainability goals, in increasing the shelf-life of their products, as well as enhancing the aesthetics and the functionality of their packaging.

Hatzopoulos APP & Partner portal

24/7   Customer Care

Our commitment to exceptional service was taken one step further by introducing the first multi-tasking App developed by a flexible packaging company in the world! Free and compatible with Android / i-OS, our App provides 24/7 service to our partners without limits!

Using their unique credentials, our clients can now instantly have real-time access to: Order tracking (Order Details & Status), Documentation (Order Confirmation, TDS & Certificates) and Stocks. The same information is accessible through the Hatzopoulos Partner Portal.

In addition, all App users can enjoy the built-in Reel Calculator. In just two simple steps, the Reel Calculator translates any packaging project to all possible metrics you may need for your reel and order quantity calculations (weight, length, surface, pieces). All these conversions are done automatically.

Awarded Service

We employ systematic methodologies to measure KPIs associated with the client-care training programs and the overall customer experience. A. Hatzopoulos S.A. was recognized as “Best in Customer Service” at the 8th edition of the annual Customer Service Excellence Awards organized by the Greek Customer Service Institute. 



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