2021 has been a very challenging year, mainly affected by the global supply and energy crisis, added to the on-going pandemic instability. Nevertheless, these past months have also brought significant milestones for our company and a number of notable positive facts, which we would like to share with you.

In 2021 our turnover reached €96 M. and the number of our employees increased by 5% compared to the previous year. Having taken specific measures to safeguard the supply chain continuity, we executed our annual investment plan to further expand and upgrade our technology and infrastructure. Our dedication to consistent, high quality, both in flexo and gravure printing, was rewarded once again by international certification programs and industry competitions. Moreover, the company’s focus on the development of more recyclable packaging solutions has resulted in receiving the prestigious President’s Award at the 2021 Worldstars, while the share of recyclable films within our portfolio has significantly increased within the past year.

Our commitment to caring for the well-being of our People and to actively supporting local Society was materialised repeatedly during 2021, with the total amount allocated to enhanced employee benefits and social contribution plan reaching €1.5 million. The year-end was dedicated to the celebration of our company’s 90th anniversary; an achievement that we are more than thankful for, as it is directly linked to the continuous support of our partners,  the dedication of our people, and our strong core values.